Hydrogeological, Geotechnical and Climate Change Modelling

Bright Sun Data Consulting has been involved in scientific computing and numerical modelling for over 20 years. Our focus is on providing high quality results and information that you can use to support your project.

“Charles helped us to create a complex three dimensional thermal model that was not achievable through conventional commercially- available software packages. This model has become an invaluable tool for communicating our project to our client and the general public.”

– Peter Mikes, SRK Consulting, Vancouver


Complex three-dimensional models

  • Groundwater flow
  • Heat transfer
  • Contaminant transport
  • Waste/coarse rock
  • Air flow


Climate Change

  • Trends and analysis
  • Global and regional models
  • Impacts for local climate

Past Projects

Climate Change:

  • Future Intensity-Frequency-Duration Curves
    – WSP/Focus for the City of Creston
  • Drought frequency in Western Canada
  • Occurrence of lightening induced wild fires in Yukon
    – Environment and Climate Change Canada

Three-dimensional modelling:

  • Regional groundwater flow and contaminant transport at a potash tailings site
    – SoilVision Systems for PotashCorp
  • Containment of Arsenic by Freezing with Passive Thermosyphons at the Giant Mine
    – SRK Consulting for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • Slope failure of a potash tailings pile
    – SoilVision Systems for Agrium


  • Modelling of snow drift development for a small watershed in the MacKenzie Valley
    – Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Future Intensity-Frequency-Duration Curves
    – WSP/Focus for the City of Creston